Champion Adventures

Champion Adventures

An Exciting New Compassionate Aging Service for 2017

Champion Adventures

Global Travel Adventures for Adults 50+

True Adventure...

At a Contemplative Pace

It is recognized that as a person matures, a desire to travel often grows within the individual.

We believe that desire originates from a place of spiritual or philosophical longing to root new experiences within one’s awareness, whereby those experiences can be gauged in reflection along side a person’s life. In turn, those experiences can become a lattice or support for further and deeper contemplative growth.

It has always been our aim to serve individuals in their worthwhile endeavors to seek out greater meaning to their well-lived lives. Champion Adventures is our latest response to help those seeking further discovery in their own personal quests.

We are now offering fully planned, supported and guided global travel for adults age 50 and over. Our small group size allows for bespoke travel. We fully support your journey so that you are free to explore, learn, experience and deeply enjoy your own glorious adventure.

Champion AdventuresTrue Adventure at a Contemplative Pace

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